What is push?

Push is a shell aiming to be intelligent and at the same time have an user-friendly looking.

What does that mean?

One of the primary goals is to make an smart completion system, based on the command typed. This should be easier to understand with an example:

- If the user types "make ins" and then hit tab, the shell would examine local Makefiles and show a list of the possible options: install, install-man, install-bin-only etc...

- If the user types "rmmod snd" and then hit tab, the shell will capture the output of lsmod and prepare a list of modules starting with snd that can be removed...
And so on.

Talking now about appearence, the shell uses Curses, and will be plenty of "eye-sugar".

On which platforms it will run?

First, Linux, and then, maybe, extensible to all unixes. But probably it will not run on Windows.

Which languages will be used for programming?

Mainly in perl, as you have figured, but, if speed REALLY asks, some parts can be coded in C.

I liked your ideas. How can I help?

If you want to help, you've come to the right place. Developers familiar with perl are welcome (Curses experience will help) although any help may be apreciated. Non-programmers may help by testing and writing sugestions.

Sugestions, critics, help, anything, email-me: bragathiago@hotmail.com